Costing the G vs. the ND

A couple of posts previously I tried to ballpark the costs of the entire Green New Deal.

I wrote, ” The (rough) annual cost estimates of implementing the Green New Deal to range from $2.65 trillion to $5.88 trillion. Almost all of the variance is due to the differences in estimates for healthcare.”

Today I would like to split out the costs, showing what the annual costs are for the environmental portion vs. the economic part. I’ll do it with the high end estimate of $5.88 trillion.

Medicare for All: $3.2 trillion

Affordable, safe, and adequate housing (solving homelessness): $9.3 billion

Upgrading schools and public housing: $6.8 billion

Economic security (universal basic income to those earning less than $61K/year): $768 billion

Providing resources, training, and high-quality education, including higher education, to all people of the United States: $32.5 billion

Total annual spend on non-environmental aspects of Green New Deal, high range estimates: $4.016 trillion.

68% of the annual cost of the Green New Deal is non-environmental.


4 thoughts on “Costing the G vs. the ND”

  1. > 68% of the annual cost of the Green New Deal is non-environmental

    So I think we’re back to “WTF are these people thinking?”. *Why* are they tying these totally disparate issues together? I mean, OK, I’m a SW engineer not a pol, and we’re taught modularity as discipline. It’s tempting to say SW does so much better than pols so we must be right but I guess we have a poor reputation for delivery too. Mainly though when we forget the discipline.


    1. Yes, it all seems like a ham and ice-cream combination. I support both sides of the equation, but am far more motivated to get moving on the economics. I want to do the green end too, but too many of my countrymen and women are suffering now.


    1. I’m not sure I would nominate her to carry the banner for the GND. And I say that as someone possibly to the left of her and someone who thinks she can be a real force for good. I just don’t think she has studied the issue sufficiently.


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